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Watermelon Fruits Cake (Available in Klang Valley only)

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Indulge guilt-free in all cake types - cheesecakes, chocolates, cupcakes, pancakes; no discrimination 😋. For a worthy alternative, this watermelon "cake" is a beautiful, fresh, healthy, and 100% fruit creation.

Juicy watermelon blocks with premium assorted berries, and a vivid mix of strawberries, dragonfruits, blueberries, and grapes create a stunning "cake" sure to delight all ages.

It'll come in a transparent cake box with ribbons. Add a personal touch with a handwritten note; specify your message in the checkout remark form.

Stay cautious about the wooden skewers securing the fruits.

All fruits are thoroughly triple-washed. Consume as soon as possible or refrigerate for a maximum of 4 hours.