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Gold Cheese Fruit Platter

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Delight in an exquisite sensory symphony with the MyPetani Gold Cheese Fruit Platter ā€“ a masterpiece that harmoniously blends velvety cheeses, succulent premium fruits, and the luxurious touch of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Whether reserved for special occasions or impromptu celebrations, this ensemble promises an extraordinary celebration.
What's inside?Ā 

  • Certified Halal Cheese
    A) Germany Brie CheeseĀ 
    B) Tasty White Cheddar Cheese ORĀ Gerkesklooster Netherlands Gouda CheeseĀ 

  • Premium Fresh Fruits & Sweet Savory Sides
    -Ā Korean/ USA Strawberries
    - Jumbo BlueberriesĀ 
    - Navel Orange
    - Zespri KiwiĀ 
    - Seedless GrapesĀ 
    - Dragon Fruit
    - Jumbo Raisins
    - Salted Almonds
    - Dried Apricot
    - Crackers
    - Bonne Maman Jam Spread (30g)
    -Ā 4 pcs of Fererro RocherĀ 
    -Ā ļ»æBonne Maman Honey (30g)

  • Measurement
    27 cm x 27 cm (Perfect for 3-4 personā¤ļø)

  • Suitable forĀ 
    Birthday, anniversary, get well soon gifts,Ā hantaranĀ gift, for him, for her, self-reward, for kids, adults, elderly-Ā it's a fit for any occasion! šŸ˜‰

  • StorageĀ 
    Rest assured, our platters are meticulously packed fresh upon order confirmation, ensuring the flavors remain at their peak.

    Platters may vary, and inclusions may differ depending on seasonal availability.

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