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Privacy Policy

Updated 1 November 2021

This Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) describes how we (“the Company”) use your Personal Data

This Privacy Notice explains the general terms on how the Company collects, processes and protects your Personal Data. the Company reserves the right to update and/or amend this Privacy Notice at any time and the Company will place notice of such amendments on the Company’s website (“Website”) or the Company’s branches or via any other mode the Company views suitable. By continuing to communicate with the Company, use the Company’s services or purchase products from the Company following the modifications, updates or amendments to this Privacy Notice, such actions shall signify your acceptance of such modifications, updates or amendments.

 1) Personal Data we collect

1.1 The types of Personal Data that the Company collects directly from you or from third parties may include (but are not limited to) your personal details (such as name, age, gender, identity card number, passport number, date of birth, education, race, ethnic origin, nationality, citizenship), contact details (such as address, email, phone numbers), family information (such as marital status, name of spouse or child or immediate family, family history of illness, including their age,  details of occupation and contact information), occupation details (such as employer name, income range, allowances, job title, job responsibilities, employer’s contact information and address, credit/debit card number and expiry date, billing address, relevant bank details, loyalty program membership details, photographs, login details including credentials and login date, preferences, complaints and demand letters, interests and other information relevant to patient and/or customer surveys, education and/or offers and/or other information (in respect of other the Company facilities and/or services used by you).

1.2 In addition, the Company may from time to time request for certain other personal information that may be relevant for the Company to consider your request for any other products or facilities of the Company.

1.3 All information requested is obligatory to be provided by you unless stated otherwise. We would be unable to process your request and/or provide you with relevant facilities and/or services) and/or transactions should you fail to provide the obligatory information.

2) How do we collect your Personal Data?

2.1 In addition to the Personal Data you provide to the Company directly, the Company may also collect your Personal Data from a variety of sources, including:

  1. booking forms, application forms, registration forms, online forms, or any other similar forms or agreements you have signed, name cards or any identity materials that you have distributed voluntarily;
  2. where you have provided your Personal Data on any online sites operated by the Company including the Website and from cookies used on the online sites;
  3. from any interaction between your browser and the Company’s browser when you visit our website;
  4. where you have provided your Personal Data to third party service provider(s) engaged by the Company;
  5. from any person acting on your behalf (e.g. your next of kin, friends or family members);
  6. through your interaction with the Company including on social media, at any events or when you make inquiries;
  7. any other contractual agreement or arrangement entered into between you and the Company;
  8. publicly available sources.

2.2 If you are disclosing personal data on behalf of or relating to another person (such as your spouse, family members or friends), you hereby represent, warrant and covenant that you have obtained from the other person the necessary authorization for such disclosure and the other person has given his or her consent to the processing of his or her personal data by the Company in accordance with this Privacy Notice. Where you have made such disclosures to the Company, you agree to indemnify the Company, its directors, officers, employees, agents and sub-contractors against any losses, liabilities and costs incurred by the Company arising as a result of or in connection with the breach of your obligation(s) hereunder.

3) How do we use your Personal Data?

3.1 The Company may use and process your Personal Data for the purposes relating to the business and activities of the Company which shall include, without limitation the following (“the Purposes”):- 

  1. to process or provide requested products, or to recommend such products,
  2. to facilitate payment processes and for billing purposes;
  3. to facilitate and communicate with you in respect of participation in any activities, events or contests organised by the Company and/or its partners;
  4. to process any refunds to you (where applicable);
  5. for purposes in relation to the Company’s customer loyalty programmes;
  6. to administer and give effect to your commercial transaction (product(s) delivery, contract for service, consignment agreement)
  7. to process your complaints and/or for such related purposes;
  8. to conduct research, analysis and to improve our services;
  9. to respond to questions, comments and feedback from you;
  10. for education and training purposes;
  11. to contact you and communicate with you for any of the purposes listed in this Privacy Notice;
  12. to comply with the Company’s legal and regulatory obligations in the conduct of its business;
  13. for the Company’s internal records management;
  14. for purposes of prevention, detection, hindrance, reporting and prosecution of any crime including but not limited to fraud, bribery and money laundering; 
  15. for the preparation of relevant contracts and agreements, and for execution and performance of the same; and
  16. for the Company to comply with its obligations under law; and
  17. purposes relating thereto.

The Company may also use and process your data for other purposes such as (“Additional Purposes”):-

  1. to contact you regarding products, services, upcoming events, promotions, advertising, marketing and commercial materials which we feel may be of interest to you;
  2. to send you festive and birthday greetings;
  3. to invite you to events, or activities organised by the Company or its partners;
  4. to process your registration to participate in or attend such events, or activities and to communicate with you regarding your attendance in such events or activities;

by way of post, telephone call, fax, short message service (SMS), by hand and/or by email.

4) Disclosure of your Personal Data

4.1 Your Personal Data may be transferred, accessed or disclosed to third parties for the Purposes and Additional Purposes. Further, the Company may engage other companies, service providers or individuals to perform functions on its behalf, and consequently may provide access or disclose your Personal Data to such service providers or third parties. The third parties referred to in this section include (without limitation)  (whether within or outside Malaysia):-

  1. relevant third parties as required under law, for the Purposes and Additional Purposes;
  2. the Company’s agents, servants and/or such other persons;
  3. independent consultants and specialists within the Company;
  4. professional advisers such as external auditors, legal advisors and/or financial advisors or any other third party required by law, regulation or by-law, court order or other legal process;
  5. governmental agencies, governmental authorities and other regulatory bodies;
  6. third party payers including employers, insurance companies and clinical sponsors;
  7. third party reward, loyalty, co-branding and privileges programme providers;
  8. respective foreign embassies of foreign patients who received treatment in the Company; 
  9. Information Technology (IT) and/or cloud computing service providers that host the Company’s servers;
  10. third party service providers listed on our e-commerce platforms;
  11. third parties on our e-commerce platforms from whom customers purchase products and/or services; 
  12. third party delivery service providers to deliver products to customers; and
  13. selected third parties such as business partners.

4.2 Personal Data may also be disclosed or transferred as a result of any restructuring, sale or acquisition of any company within the Company.

4.3 Your Personal Data may be transferred to, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than Malaysia, where any of the Company’s entities are located outside of Malaysia or where the Company’s servers or service providers are located outside of Malaysia. You understand and consent to the transfer of your Personal Data out of Malaysia as described herein.

5) Other information

5.1 Children

In respect of provision of personal data of children/minors (persons under the age of 18), as a parent or legal guardian of a minor, you hereby consent to the processing of the minor’s Personal Data and personally accept and agree to be bound by this Privacy Notice and take responsibility for the minor’s actions. 

5.2 Other Individual’s Data

In some circumstances, you may have provided personal data relating to other individuals (such as your spouse, next of kin, family members or friends) for the Purposes and/or Additional Purposes and in such circumstances you represent and warrant that you are authorised to provide their personal data to the Company and you have obtained their consent for their personal data be processed and used in the manner as set forth in this Privacy Notice. 

5.3 Links to Third Party Website

Parts of our Website may contain links to third party websites not owned by the Company (“Third Party websites”). When you access a Third Party website, please understand that we do not control the content of that Third Party website and are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of that Third Party website. This Notice applies only to the Website and you should be aware that other sites linked by this website may have different privacy and personal data protection policies and we highly recommend that you read and understand the privacy statement of each site. We accept no responsibility or liability in respect of any such third party materials or for the operation or content of other websites (whether or not linked to our website) which are not under the Company’s control.

8.3 Conflict

In the event of any conflict between the English language of Privacy Notice(s) and its corresponding Bahasa Malaysia Privacy Notice(s), if any, the terms in the English language Privacy Notice shall prevail.

Acknowledgement and Consent

By providing your Personal Data to the Company and/or by your continued usage of the Website, the Company’s services and/or  facilities you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood this Privacy Notice and agree and consent to the processing and transfer of your Personal Data as detailed in this Privacy Notice.