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Colour/ Image Disclaimer


  • “Website” shall refer to the website at 
  • “We” or “Our” shall refer to the owner of the Website
  • “You” shall refer to the customer or user of the Website

By utilizing the Website, you acknowledge your agreement to adhere by these Terms and Conditions.

Colour/ Image Disclaimer: 

The information provided on our website is intended for general information purposes only. While we strive diligently to ensure the completeness and accuracy of our product details, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm that the chosen product aligns with their specific requirements. For personalized assistance and recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact us via email ( or WhatsApp (012 898 0801).

Despite our best efforts to offer accurate images of each product's color and design, please be aware that real colors and designs may exhibit minor variations. These variations may occur due to differences in device screen settings, lighting conditions during image capture, subtle distinctions in product finishes, fruit availability, netting colors, and other contributing factors.

By making a purchase from MyPetani, you are acknowledging and accepting the possibility of slight variations between the actual product's color and design and its representation on our website.

We greatly appreciate your understanding. 🙏😊